25 comments on “Assetto Corsa – Autumn development update.

    • For me the success of the AC will be linked directly to the multiplayer, since the NKP already have a physical that pleases the majority, but the multiplayer really bad.

  1. I was really hoping to hear about the progress of AI development. It seems like nobody is talking about it.

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  4. Thanks for spending the time to write this!

    Did you go into any details around the SW structure and design of the sim? E.g. :

    * How is their threading structure (how many thread execution paths do they expect to be able to utilize)?
    * Do they run the simulation at some fixed frequency, as for e.g. rFactor2 @400 Hz?
    * How about FFB and steering; at what rate do they handle that?
    * Do they model the physical presence of a steering rack or not?
    * How have they approached tire modelling? Do they take the very ambitious (and difficult) route of iRacing – to model the actual chemical and physical processes in the tire, or do they use a simpler model with slip curves and basic physical modelling?


    • There’s an interview taken at one of the trade shows last year by insidesimracing.tv where the developer says they are going for the “feal” of the car rather than exact modelling of true world physics.

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  6. A vocal element of the sim racing community has yet to be convinced that forgiving tyres are part of a “true sim”. In one sense I don’t care whether AC is the sim to convince them – I’m just pleased AC are going down this road. But perhaps if anyone has the credibility to do it – Kunos does. We shall see.

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