3 comments on “Forums: A Survival Guide

  1. lol 🙂

    But seriously, I think there’s an element of tribalism here. Everyone has a favourite sim, and that status of “favourite” needs to be shored up and defended in your own mind. You need to convince yourself that your decision is a sound one, that you have chosen wisely. So every other sim out there, and their army of fanboys, is potentially “the enemy”, since it could force you to reconsider your wise decision. A lot of the forum attacks are really just defense – a subconscious defense of your own beliefs and decisions.

    I can vouch for the observation that people that race together regularly (i.e. a league) are much more civil in forums. This is probably because they all share broadly the same beliefs, at least in terms of the sim that they have chosen to devote most of their time to.

    • It isn’t entirely tribal; there are forums dedicated to a single game still in beta with only half a dozen cars to race at a couple of dozen tracks that this applies to, for example.

      I think people who race against each other regularly learn to respect each other, regardless of whether they agree on anything or even like each other (eg Rossi and Biaggi, or Stoner and everyone else). In this respect a sim mirrors real life almost exactly.

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