Race And Vehicle Simulations is a site that brings together blogs and articles from various writers in the SimRacing community.  For all the most recent posts by our writers, check the “recent posts” box to the right side of this page.  For a full article index click here.

Having worked with many developers over the years, our writers have earned their stripes when it comes to vehicle simulation, and this site is here to bring you in depth coverage of the simulations being played the world over.

The writers on this site make no bones about taking a focus on realism in their virtual driving, and as such most of the writing is from the point of view of the “hard core” simmer.

We don’t assume to know everything in the world, and are well aware that this blog is not a world changing event. But we hope to bring honest, adult, reporting on vehicle simulations of all sorts, with a focus on our biggest passion, that being racing simulators.

Click a category to in the right panel to have a read, or click “recent posts” to browse through the articles, and by all means leave us comments, your feedback is important, and we hope many of the articles on here can fire positive, and fun discussion.


The RAVSim team.

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    Race and Vehicle Simulations | Bringing you in depth coverage of Vehicle Simulations – ravsim.com

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