11 comments on “Stefano Casillo on netKar Pro (part 2)

  1. very good article!!! bravo Jon.
    for us unassuming virtual pilot, always critical, searching improvement continuously, we have tendency has forget that simulation is the result of a job persevered of a team of developers also enthralled by auto running!!!!! I makes my méa culpa, because by the past my purposes were not always tres strive opposite of Stéfano, that it excuses me and accepts my most flat and sincères excuses.ignorance is to vector criticisms!!
    your article Jon allows us to discover an aspect of Stéfano that, me it first ignores: enthusiast, working madman, in the constant research of improvement, that it accepts my most sincere congratulations if he reads this Article!
    definitely on us let us wait AC a lot, but I am perfectly aware that we shall need the patience to have a perfect simu and especially, to encourage the extraordinary team which Stéfano has unites around him (I think of Marco and Aris, which I cross on Facebook, and of course in others than me connait not) to accomplish the small jewel that Asseto Corsa goes etre!!!! bravo Kunos!! bravo!!!!!

  2. Great and fun read. I can imagine the hair pulling (pun slightly intended) on the netcode talk 😀

    I was one of the late joiners, a couple of months before KS2 came out I think.
    Tried the demo, saw the user interface, smiled, jumped in the cockpit, smiled, did a few laps, smiled, got out my walled, frowned, bought it. One of the three sims I am still enjoying.

    Hopefully joining on the AC train, if I can upgrade my computer in time.

    Best of luck with that, cheers

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  4. It seems Kunos still hasn’t tried LFS (or doesn’t understand how it works). Would cut down the amount of BS if he’d know what the competition has done in the last 10 years.. 🙂

    • I’m sure he knows LFS but LFS doesn’t seem to please AutoSimSports obviously. The lack of major updates in recent years might be a factor. To me Scawen and Stefano are equally good as the physic goes.. although Kunos seem much more dedicated by now. I remember making a server in LFS with my 56k modem NO LAG at all with 3-4 other friends racing at few centimetres from each others. That says it all.

      I just hope AC will keep some hardcore features, realistic gearbox modelling, manual switches onboard.
      Meanwhile I’ll return to NKP (and LFS).

  5. A great read, very interesting for someone who still organises a weekly NKP league for a small handful of dedicated followers in Australia. It’s a pity that this great-feeling sim is so under-used.

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