9 comments on “Racing sims: bring on the detail

  1. I have exactly the same feeling…if i compare any racing car in any sim with for example add for Flight Simulator X from A2A simulations Piper Cub…i have to say that this Piper comes much much deeper…and in fact it is very simple machine, but you have to take care about that as it is only machine so it is wearing, you can destroy your engine etc. etc…The only racingsim which at least tries to simulate these aspects was nKpro in early versions, but community wishes killed it…after few patches we lost flatspots, wearing gearbox, destructible suspension… 😦

  2. I agree so much with what you have said.. I seek total simulation/stimulation.. I want all senses in overload.. I dream one day of a candle, I can light that smells like the track on race day… I want to be in a race open wheel and hit a bird, on my faceshield, with no tear-offs in second place..(dont laugh it really happened to me IRL). I want reality, without the risk…

  3. Just for the record: I too would love to participate in a championship with my friends having to take care for the car for the rest of the championship; something like X money and trying to keep up with costs, taking care of the car to not spend too much, etc., I think that adds another dimension and would make races more safer, everyone would try harder to avoid accidents, etc..

  4. Excellent read once again 🙂 Gave me lots to think about in terms of what I’m happy to have and what I wish I’d have in sim racing. Hint: there’s much more that I’d like to have.

    Maybe I’m not just bored of iRacing but sim racing as a whole in the state that the titles and community are these days.

  5. I suggest you take a look at Street Legal, and Street Legal Racing Redline. While they don’t have interactive clickable cockpits, the physics are not the greatest and the game has a fast-and-furious style, it’s a game in which you have to buy your car, maintain it, upgrade it and fix it yourself.

    I think it lacks an odometer, but you really get a feeling of ownership, and try not to crash it (since you have to manually repair/paint it, and it costs time and money).

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