Bob Simmerman – The intrepid buccaneer.

@SmokinBob123  – Bob.Simmerman@ravsim.com

Simon Croft – The living Calculator. (spamsac)

@spamsac – Simon.Croft@ravsim.com

Eliot Earle – The voice of irreverent truth.


Andrew Tyler – Says he is not a vampire. (aeromechanical)

@AndrewMTyler – Andrew.Tyler@ravsim.com

Jon Denton – That guy from Vodka Diaries. (shrapnel1977)

@shrapnel1977 – jon.denton@ravsim.com

Lou Magyar – Everyone knows Lou.


14 comments on “Writers

  1. Just found that site, looks very nice. Good luck with it!

    Hello Bob, long time no see. Hope you´re still fine! 🙂

  2. Hello Frank! Wonderful to see you here I hope all is well with you, yes, it has been a long time for sure. Thank you for the kind words and I hope to see you on the track again soon. I’m doing fine, still slow but getting faster!

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