10 comments on “Putting more game into the sim.

  1. Hands down Jon, i loved the GT series buy and sell as well as toca ladder system with team changes and offers, but now, with no many time to play as when i was i younger, i prefer sit and drive, because i love it!

  2. Very interesting article – thanks.

    I think off-line players are the 90% of the simracing iceberg under the water. IRacing has 30,000 members and I’m told dominates on-line racing. NR2003 is reputed to have sold 400,000 copies. Even GPL sold 200,000 copies and while I can’t reveal sales of GTR and GTL they are in the same ball-park as the Papy titles. The only conclusion you can reach is buyers of sims like NR2003, GTR and GTL do not race online. Kunos said virtually the same thing when he explained why AC will have AI.

    And I’m all for career modes. They are the norm in so many other games, not just flight sims. I was brought up on X-Wing, Dark Forces and the like. No one complained that you couldn’t destroy the DeathStar in your first X-Wing mission or that you start with a pistol in Dark Forces. Put a career mode in a racing sim and the die hards complain that they can’t drive all the cars and tracks they’ve paid for straight away. For me the structure of a career mode ensures I drive most or all of the cars and tracks I’ve paid for. Without a career mode its all too easy to jump straight in the GT40 and forget the Mini Cooper, and never to try the short versions of tracks.

    I tend to prefer pretty straight-forward careers, like in Rally Trophy or GT Legends. You start in the slower cars and progress to the quicker ones, unlocking tracks as you go. I’m not really into customising and upgrading. I tried the rFactor career mode but it didn’t do it for me. Shift was OK but I did it with the standard cars.

    I cannot over-state the motivational effect a good career mode has for me. I did lots of practicing in GP2, quite a few races but completed only one championship. In GPL I never even started a championship. Interesting that Dave K later revealed he intended GPL to have a career mode but ran out of time. But in Rally Trophy and GT Legends I’ve completed loads of championships.

    I admit, some games lend themselves to careers more than others. GTL and Rally Trophy had a good progression of cars to drive. Where a sim has cars which are more even then I guess it does require more imagination to pull a career mode off, and this is where your suggestions could come in.

  3. The only thing that keeps me racing regularly is a league environment with a regular bunch of people. Single player doesn’t hold my interest, because as you say, there’s no point. In a league season, there are points to be earned, ladders to climb. That’s what makes the fun for me.

    • And in that regular bunch of people there are friends, and rivalries, to be made. A league is the only way to go online anymore.

      Pair all of the elements of ROF with a hard-core racing sim and I’ll be hooked! Great article again! I agree 100%.

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