9 comments on “Fanatec Clubsport, BMW rim and Formula rim review.

  1. Great review Jon, i hope to try soon one of those units!
    considering you had a DFGT you will have a better pace for sure, because DFTG was against you in a countersteer because the gears (if u know what i mean) this wheel will let you steer faster and more precise, as you said :).

    also agree with the thirdparty software bit, pretty annoying.

    • The thing is, I am not any faster at all, just more consistent. As you say, it is because when catching slides the wheel is much more accurate. My style is smooth and precise on the whole, so i shouldn’t be catching oversteer all the time. No one should really!

  2. Without a doubt the best review of any hardware (whether this be a SIM racing wheel, iPhone or laptop) I’ve ever read.

    Masterful execution of the English language. An absolute pleasure to read. I was hooked from start to finish.

    You covered all the concerns I had when I purchased my CSW (& both rims) and had not seen these issues raised so eloquently in any other reviews.

    I am a complete novice to SIM racing but felt completely reassured when a highly experienced driver like yourself raised the same issues I encountered (e.g. Fanaleds software (silly name btw), instructions for the display etc).

    I look forward to your future reviews and in particular that of Netkar Pro as, so far, this seems to be the only realistic SIM I’ve found so far (in my very short SIM racing history).

    • Thanks for your comments and glad you enjoyed the review.

      We’re unlikely to be reviewing netKar Pro any time soon as it came out in 2006. There is an article with it’s creator, Stefano Casillo on RAVSim that covers the life time of the sim. It’s replacement is due in some months from now.

      You can find some writings from me on nKPRo on my personal blog: http://vodkadiaries.wordpress.com and if you check out http://issuu.com/autosimsportmediallc there are isues of AutoSimSport running back to 2005 when we covered nKPro in the run up to and upon release (Seems such a long time ago now!).

      Hope you find some good stuff and welcome to simracing.

      • Hi there.

        I’m not after a review as such but would be very interested in what wheel settings you suggest for the CSW and Netkar Pro.

        Also looking forward to the release of AC. Let’s hope it comes out this year!

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