6 comments on “Online Racing Championship: Exclusive first drive

  1. Is there really room for another PC racing sim which doesn’t seem to offer anything others don’t? Is the development team big enough? Sorry to be so negative.

    • Is there room? Well new titles are always being announced/released, and provided they are of decent quality then I think the community will accommodate them. Is there room for rF2, pCARS, AC? These are all titles in various stages of development, and all looking to attract customers. I’m sure they will all succeed provided they succeed in being quality titles and hold appeal.

      • “Is there room for rF2, pCARS, AC?” To be honest I do wonder, especially when you add in iRacing and Simbin’s new title. And then if you throw in this newcomer with no established customer base. In the “olden days” I bought both rFactor and GTL because although they shared the same engine they offered very different things. GTR2 came along and was still different to rF and GTL so I bought that.

        But now we have a new generation of games which while not identical, do seem to overlap. I will be able to drive a 60s F1 car in iRacing, pCARS, rF2 and AC and a Zonda in pCARS, AC and Simbin’s new title. They will all offer licensed content and rF2, AC and probably pCARs will be designed as mod platforms including tools. All but iRaing will offer both on-line racing and AI.

        Clearly there is room for more than one “general purpose” racing sim, but five? The good thing about being a small development team is of course you don’t have to sell so many copies to be viable. But as we saw with NetKar Pro, for on-line racing you do need a minimum customer base.

    • I do take your point. ORC must innovate more, either by doing things better than others or introducing something new. We must walk before we can run, I’m looking to build a solid core, then start to innovate on top of strong foundations.

      Hopefully I can manage that, but it does take time, something that is very short for me at the minute, a full time job and young son doesn’t make for a lot of spare time.

      I don’t think it’s a case of everyone picking 1 sim to play, I think there is room for a few simulators in each sim-racer’s life 🙂

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