5 comments on “Assetto Corsa.

  1. Excellent work. Here’s hoping the simracing ‘community’ doesn’t balkanise into warring factions and appreciate that we can get a heck of a lot of fun and excitement from supporting more than one development initiative.

    Never a better time to be a simmist 🙂

  2. Hi,

    Firstly, thanks for the video and comments on the gameplay. I think that every simracing fan can’t be other than very excited with this title.

    Further, could you expound on the ‘feel’ of driving, with the ability to lean on the car in the corners and the pressure while braking, and then especially in comparison to rf2? I have heard about and experienced the ‘feel of grip’ with NkPro, and am sadly missing this a bit with rf2, even though this last does give very detailed info about the forces on the tyres through ffb…

    • Hi,

      Did you read the first drive article in AutoSimSport? There is some more information there. At present AC is so early in development though that solid judgement cannot be made on the sim. Just have to wait and see on release how it turns out. Meanwhile, enjoy whatever you’re racing.


    • As per the interview I did with Stefano here: https://ravsim.com/2012/08/27/stefano-casillo-on-netkar-pro-part-2/

      “To fix this I tried to build a tyre model that has a physical based theory in the formulas and that can be tweaked with very few parameters that cannot create anything “destructive.” This involved moving away from that particular pacejka model. The basic pacejka “magic formula” is still valid to create basic curves, but a good tyre model needs to be more dynamic. The model we see in netKar Pro V1.3, Ferrari Virtual Academy (FVA), and AC are all based on the idea of generating a “base” slip curve that is then adapted to the behaviour of the tyre. I call it “slip profile,” in netKar Pro and FVA this adaptation is done in steady state analysis, in AC I added the dynamic of the carcass and thread to the equations.”

      Hope this helps.

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