15 comments on “Christmas misery in sim land

  1. Dont agree with any of it. Its one hell of a Christmas depression you have there. You have some serious issues it seems. go see a doctor…

    i That said, Love early access products, coz thats what the community has been nagging for the last year. I love the fact that a Nordscleife release is coming, and i love the fact that the particular DLC will also features 10 cars. Further more , it was a good xmass iracng Porsche, Pcars update, Assetto update, rFactor update… I think you will have to consider another hobby it seems.

  2. I’ll be honest, what pisses me off more then paying for DLC is the endless fucking nightmare of Twitter RT’s from the AC admin retweating every positive thing some 12 year old says about their sim. I’ll pay for DLC all day long if ‘that guy’ puts a fucking bullet in his head so I don’t get RT flooded by useless bullshit.

    Merry fuckin’ Christmas!

  3. wow, you are so clueless it’s not even funny? 10 million copies, are you serious? Maybe 50,000 copies sold at this point. No one is FORCING you to buy it on early access. If you read Marco’s writeup about the QQing you will see the reasons, and it all just shows how stupid you are.

  4. Haha. nice sarcastic piece. What even makes it better is: you seem to have followers that realy own up to that rant… so sad..

  5. Some people just dont get sarcasm… but you were very convincing.. Had me till the video card.. LOL .

  6. Being British and all I detected the sarcasm straight away! Love the mocking rant! See you in the Green Hell!

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    • LOL uhm.. so you don’t get sarcasm yet? Did you read any of the other comments that point out the sarcasm? Calling it an “immature and prepubescent rant” , really is… “immature and prepubescent..”

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