10 comments on “Kerb my enthusiasm

    • Thank you for the kind comments guys.

      I think the “issue” with the Scura is that it is very competent, but not massively fast. This means you don’t have the high speed thrills of the quicker stuff, but nor do you have the tail out fun of something like the M3s.

      I find you really need to get into the limits of the car and then it starts to come alive. You can push quite hard and it stays very composed, but really push and it starts to show real character.

      I think it’s a car with quite a lot of depth, and you really need to invest some time and effort in it to reap the rewards.

  1. Fanboyism of the worst kind – not even the very “best” of iRacers and pCARS zealots beats you, sac.

    • Thanks Mike, I really appreciate your helpful and constructive comment. Hopefully with input like yours I can keep getting better at writing and one day please every single person all of the time.

      • You are certainly not interested in “getting better at writing”. Enthusiasm about the genre is one thing – Bob, for instance, has certainly shown how enthusiastic someone like him can be over the (many) years (and about several sims). Problem is, your enthusiasm about Kunos and AC is should not preclude you from avoiding typical fanboy traps – instead, you embrace it. Your “enthusiasm” and sarcasm (the other “funny” piece) are quite telling, no need to please everyone. But do go on promoting AC.

        • What do you think I’ve been writing about for the last 10 years?

          I’ve written two (yes, two) pieces about AC. That article you mention isn’t about AC; it’s about the community.

          I didn’t realise my past writing about many different titles was merely thinly veiled praise for AC…

  2. “has never been to rip my wheel from it’s frame and force it through the monitor;”
    Sure can tell someone races/raced Iracing..

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