9 comments on “A chat with iRacing’s Tony Gardner

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  2. Very nice Jon! Only other things I hoped for was a date on Teams/Driver Swaps and Crew Chief functionality dates and specifics. Good read though.

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  4. 40,000 members is a “huge userbase”? I don’t think so. Even GPL sold 200,000 copies and of course if you look at Gran Turismo we are talking millions of users. iRacing’s concentration on on-line racing is both their strength and their weakness. They do offer an unrivaled service but I’d suggest the reason no other competitor has followed their lead is the main market is the off-line player.

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  6. Ummm, the 40,000 is current “paid up” members. How much they race is another question, that is an accurate number and has always been the way they measured membership levels.

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