6 comments on “The Multi-class debate.

  1. The Rileys ought to be able to pass the Mustangs any time on any part of the track. As I see it, it’s the Riley drivers job to get by the Mustangs. The Mustang drivers should just drive normal lines (maybe creeping to the inside on straights if there is a Riley behind them). The Mustang is big and heavy and has so much momentum that you are pretty much permanently committed to the line through a corner you started with.

    This, of course, was a problem I noticed in even single class racing. People are not willing to sacrifice any time at all behind a slower car. They try to lunge past as soon as they get there no matter where they are on the track. I’ve been taken out a number of times because I’m driving behind someone much slower than me, waiting for the next safe place to pass, and some nitwit tries to pass both of us in a braking zone.

  2. I think I figured it out.

    We need to come up with a derogatory term for such people. Mind you, I don’t condone people getting all fighty about a videogame, but if there were a particular word you could easily apply to them that made it clear what they did wrong, we could make it a specific faux paux, and people would not want to be a .

    I’m not kidding–this works. I learned this in a social psychology class taught by a guy with lots of abbreviations after his name.

    I can’t think of a word but it has to be good. Demeaning, but more playful than mean-spiritited. I leave this as an exercise for other people.

  3. I think what we are seeing here is a new breed of sim-racer.

    Namely: one who has never watched a race on TV before.

    At some point in almost every race, some fast guy is going to come up from behind a slower guy, most often when lapping someone but also between pit-stop reshuffles. If this is going on whilst the fast guy has another fast guy with him, you will always hear the commentator say “blah blah blah hopes he doesn’t get stuck behind slowby in the twisty bits blah blah” and never “hahahaha slowby’s going to get a reaming here!”

    Another thing you will notice is that for some a yellow flag is a warning to slow down and no overtaking, for others it’s an opportunity to make up a few easy places as they point and plough.

    I prefer to not race among ass-hats. You get them in every online sim though.

  4. Indeed Spadge, except that iRacing will give you a stop/go for passing under yellow.

    But yes, there will always be bellends. The mixed class just adds an opportunity for extra bellendism.

  5. This has been my experience ( I am usually in the slower car) since online racing first began. The race starts you are racing and having fun and then some looser smashes into you on purpose and ruins the experience for everyone. I ran online twice and learned it is not fun to me because of people with no courtesy.
    thank you I stick to offline single player it’s good enough!

  6. 100% agree with everything you wrote. I also do not enter a Grand-Am race because of all the bad driving i read about and experienced in the practice servers. As a mustang i don’t mind the odd lift or early brake to faciliate a pass. As a DP i don’t mind waiting a couple of corners for a good opportunity. Coming from an rFactor league (multi-class where we used flashing headlights to signal each other) I would very much like a good multi-class series but there is too much wrong with the current one at the moment – Under-experience drivers (some with complete lack of judgement) in the faster cars, impatient drivers, not enough mustangs generally, screwed up points allocation. In my opionion they should make the DPs extremely fragile (but fixable to 95% for minor taps or something) and only for A-class drivers, at least then the SR hit would be greater and the risk of damage is also greater. I like the suggestion (somewhere on the iRacing forums) for a bonus combined total points when driving both cars – would be a good way to encourge more mustang participation.

    Like you, i don’t understand why people will enter in a multi-class event and then complain about the slower class holding them up. There are plenty of other series for them to drive in… iRacing has the potential to do multi-class very well if they could just create a structure that enforces responsible driving or discourages the impatient hero’s.

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