3 comments on “And then the rains came.

  1. Very nice post! 🙂 I think you accurately conveyed the sensation of driving the newest build of netkar. It’s a terrifying experience that leaves you on the edge of your seat!

    Can’t wait to start racing in leagues. The Vintage is my favourite car so far!

  2. Looks good bud. What wheel is that? Problem even with Zandvoort being mapped (as per your comment) is that if the car handles nothing like it how useful would it be. To be fair, graphics look awesome…….

    • Well, in iRacing the car handles very much alot like it should. But there is no Caterham, the grass roots stuff is based around US motorsport so the closest connection is a Ford SCCA Spec racer or something. Anyway, yea… That video isn’t iRacing.

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