12 comments on “rFactor 2 beta coming along nicely.

  1. Thanks a lot for this nicely written article!
    At last, a positive view on rfactor2, that’s refreshing…

  2. It’s interesting how many people have a problem with ‘best lap time’ discussions in rFactor2. When actually, it’s the first time lap time discussion in any way emulates real life racing, where a change to the track, or the environment, is perhaps what gives the pole, or waiting until the final moments of the session, when the most rubber is down, is what gives it to you…

    Strange how people want reality, but sometimes push away from it when they get it. 😉

  3. Keep up the good work Tim, I find it hard not to smile every time I drive in the game now. RFactor 2 will be a great platform to enjoy for many years to come, many thanks.

  4. I have to admit to hating the first builds of rF2, but i was determind to stick with it and see how it grows.
    Im not a well man, having a broken back can seriously affect the time one can spend sim racing, but when i’m having a day when pain isnt so bad i sit and play around with this, project C.A.R.S. and GSC.

    These are the 3 new big boys in sim world for me and i must have done thousands of miles in GSC and pCARS, but rF2 wasnt giving me what i needed from a sim.
    Then came the last 3 builds.
    I can finally push the cars the way i like to. I feel like im getting the information back through my wheel where i can understand what is happening on track.
    I always have the AI set at around 105-110% to make sure the challenge is there, and that it wont be as big a shock for when i venture online.
    Now, rather than being frustraited with the speed of the AI, i’m hammering it by a good few seconds.
    All in all, the sim is now stretching its legs, startingto find its feet, and i think, most importantly, a place in my heart.

    Nice article that mirrows my sentiments exactly.
    Well done.

  5. Very nice blog. I totally agree with you. It’s a shame that the number of online racers remains quite low. If you’re lucky there will be one host with 16 racers in it.

    • Well, as it is a beta and the sim isn’t finished yet, this shouldn’t be a big surprise. I expect there will be a few more online when it is fully released.

  6. Thanks for the review. It is refreshing to have a review with some color. I know that I have more than 400 laps in the 66 F3 on Spa alone, and I am now able to add the F2 with confidence onto the same demanding track. The 66 F1 car is still a handful, and I can hardly imagine what a 25 lap race in the F1 would be like… with the damage on and no aids, it will be a lot of fun. Thanks for a great review.

  7. Rfactor 2 is a joke. 1990 graphics, thousands of unfinished features, the cycling day – night and dry – wet are awful and destroy the FPS (by the way, even the best computers are not capable to run RF2 decently), and each build they deliver a new bunch of new bugs and issues. No possible to race online (ridiculous system which explains zero people online), bad racing offline (stutters, screen tearing no matters what you do in GPU control panel, horrible FPS despite the dated graphics)… I could write for hours, but I’d sum up with the phrase: waste of time.

  8. Forgot to say: the unbearable time of developing, they promised 2012 release and it looks like they’ll not finish until 2015. I would say the final version is more likely for 2016, with luck, and all the people keeps saying is those stupid jerk phrases like “it’ll be done when it’s done” and crap like that.

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