8 comments on “Remember when your sims came in a box?

  1. Good post. For someone who has NASCAR Racing 2003 Season and iRacing, I can see it from both sides. Most would prefer to race online against better, more competitive competition. That’s why something like iRacing won’t ever be in a box. Their method is great right now, besides being totally shut down during updates.

    • I am not sure that necessarily “most” would prefer to race online, there aren’t really enough statistics to back that up in either direction. I do know that I speak to alot of people that don’t race online for various reasons and yet would still love to be able to drive iRacing derived sims with AI. But yes, their method is great, it’s the best place to race online these days.

  2. I know one thing – years ago, I was racing F1GPs and IndyCars and TOCAs and thought how good I am. Now, the online teached me that is not exactly the case, competing with the really talented ones. 🙂

    Btw, there are tons of off-line content in GT5, with all assists off I think it’s a decent sim. Then the internet is still not 100% reliable for online with all that lags and microlags when the game has to guess where the other competitors are. Anyway, if online, then only organized leagues for me.

  3. I miss the sense of involvement and narrative from offline championships.

    Increasingly the traditional online championship just isn’t practical for me, and whilst iRacing offers a great work-around for this, every iRacing race I partook in seemed a fairly soulless affair with strangers who weren’t any more “real” to me than AI in many respects.

    It’s not quite as simple as including AI though either. Ignoring the quality of the AI, be it in LFS, rF, Gran Turismo, Shift or whatever, they too are somewhat lacking in connection. It’s the narrative and structure of a championship that is as important.

    Will be interesting to see what happens with Asseto Corsa, rF2 and the rest in this respect. GTR3 is perhaps the title most likely (and able) to provide such an environment, but then there are a lot of unknowns when it comes to what that will deliver.

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